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Cisco Tools

While working at Thomas Street I worked on a number of small and large network orchestration tools and tool concepts for Cisco.

On a handful of projects I worked with a our designers and engineers, and various teams on the Cisco side to better understand the client’s [very complex] domain. Day-to-day, I created UX docs, visual comps, and Axure prototypes to gather feedback and communicate major features and admin workflows. These features generally were in the space of resolving network issues faster, and tools to make repetitive admin tasks easy.  

Network Orchestration Tool

This effort was aimed at doing a lot of different network tasks, but my main focus was on repeatable task automation, and secondarily on onboarding and account management.

Initial setup

Team Onboarding

Working mostly in Axure, I worked with teams on both sides to clarify and synthesize the necessary steps to get a team up and running. The output was a simple wizard to capture important setup data, with an interactive map for activating and configuring telemetric collector units around the world.

Axure prototype of network admin task automation

Network Task Automation

The above shows an Axure prototype I made to validate flows for specific, repetitive, and important network tasks, like creating access policies. The idea behind this tool was that any number of steps could be created to gather input from an admin and automate the rest. In addition to the prototyping, a key part of this effort was in working with teams to uncover patterns in various tasks and organize them into a system that could be used on any task.

Unstyled account management prototype (Axure)

Account and Team Management

Though the tool this dashboard belonged to went on to become other parts of other products, I spent some time thinking about how a team and its orgs would be structured, settings and license management, how to invite people and manage permissions, and onboarding from a team member's point-of-view.