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A quick scroll-through of picnic.design

Picnic is a Sketch plugin made by Thomas Street, that allows an entire team to simultaneously use a single Sketch file. Picnic.design is a single-page marketing site that explains the plugin and connects users to the admin area. My role was to design, write, build, and launch the new site in about a week and a half. 

The site's primary goal was in pushing sign ups (pre-Beta) and downloads (post-Beta), and secondarily to communicate the unusual pricing model. It's a pretty simple product, but it was important that the tone and personality were prominent throughout, and that it felt like a product worth paying for.

Illustrations that flex

I wasn’t sure if there would be time, but I chose to bring Picnic’s cheerful, extroverted personality to life with some bright outdoor activity-inspired illustrations that could shift with the viewport—first roughing them in, then building the front-end experience with placeholders, and then doubling back to replace them with real illustrations.

The park shuffles around to work in all viewports

The park shuffles around to work in all viewports