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UX at Wizards

MTGO Account Creation

MTGO Account Creation

During my year at Wizards of the Coast in the Technology org, my role varied widely and I got to work across quite a few teams.

Validating Tools with Prototypes

Though initially I was encouraged to create UX documentation to communicate my work, I worked with the team to put into practice the use of prototyping tools, like Axure, instead.

With more effective tools at hand for designing web and native experiences, I helped another designer build prototypes for internal support tools, and test them through weekly usability studies. Working as a team, I wrote tests and conducted them with internal Game Support reps, using prototypes created by my teammate to validate the designs.

This led to opportunities to help others work out concepts in spare time and shop them around internally for traction, including a never-released native app.

Triggered abilities in Magic Online

Triggered abilities in Magic Online

Magic Online UI

I worked with game designers, art directors, product managers, and my teammates to make UI enhancements and additions to Magic The Gathering Online, which included UI support for new features, and new and updated game pieces.

More notably, I got to participate in a several weeks of early-stage concepting for a still unreleased digital Magic product. This was a green-field effort where a large number of designers worked out concepts with motion comps, and presented them, in order to help answer the question, what’s next for digital Magic games?

Web Services and Accounts

I collaborated with the business, web, and dev teams to make basic usability improvements to MTGO account creation, as well as bring the visuals up to speed with the current styling. I also assisted the Accounts team in planning for UX and security improvements to Wizards’ legacy account system, using wireframes and workflows to communicate changes to the engineers.

Planeswalker Points cardset art update

Planeswalker Points cardset art update

Planeswalker Points

In addition to more UX-focused projects, I also helped apply visual updates to a legacy customer-facing loyalty rewards platform called Planeswalker Points, so that the site would reflect the most current cardset at the time.